We Are

We are a NETWORK OF EDUCATIONAL PROJECTS directed by families in a participatory manner with the Outdoor School bases.

We are a NETWORK OF PEOPLE connected to nature, capable of bringing out the best in ourselves and eager to share our gifts and talents.

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I Am David

One of my talents is enhancing projects and finding a way to materialise and develop them.

Social and educational entrepeneurship is my way of sharing what I enjoy and what I am good at with the world.

I Am Kahana

I love connecting people and facilitating their relationships from the heart. I often receive inspirations which facilitate the group vision, especially where the benefit of children is involved.

My other talent is painting my visions in large formats, like murals on buildings or in large community spaces.

I Am Jaume

I like to share my motivation and joy for life with the world. I enjoy accompanying children and teenagers in their personal growth and in their processes as they get to know their inner world.

I love building with wood, creating new spaces and enjoying them together with others.

+ I Am Emma, I Am Javier, I Am Carmen, I Am Tiziana, I Am Nathalie, I Am Iris, I Am Mogli, I Am Nico, I Am Johannes, I Am Yanida, I Am Claudia, I Am Marta, I Am Olivia, I Am Michael, I Am Yael, I Am Dalai, I Am Oahana, I Am Goesta, I Am Alex, I Am Astrid, I Am Iris, I Am Mayfrend, I Am Vinko, I Am Cornelia, I Am Vanessa, I Am Gal, I Am Jair, I Am Ajna, I Am Eloy, I Am Inma, I Am Andrea, I Am Oscar, I Am Daniel, I Am Rafaella, I Am Gigiana,I Am Eddy, I Am Jos, I Am Mora, I Am Aluna, I Am Kai, I Am Nuria, I Am David, I Am Maite, I Am Estel, I Am Cristina, I Am Francesc, I Am Stellina, I Am Laura, I Am Litus, I Am Thais


Contact: comunidadeducativa@outdoorschool.es