Emotional Education

Recommended Videos, Articles, Books and Movies


Whose fault when children disobey? Kim Constable
The Conscious parent (part one). Shefali Tsabary
How to teach presence to children in the digital age. Eckhart Tolle
The gift of failure. Jessica Lahey
Emotional intelligence from a teenage perspective. Maximilian Park
How to become a better parent: positive vs. toxic parenting. Gabor Matés


Nature´s circle. Download emotional education tool. David Lázaro
Compassionate Communication. Marschall B. Rosenberg
“I feel how i feel…» Helping children to develop empathy. Laurence van Hanswijck de Jonge


Nonviolent Communication. Marschall Rosenberg
Permission to feel. Marc Brackett
How to talk so kids can Learn. At home and at School. Adele Faber y Elaine Mazlish


3 Idiots (2009)
Equilibrium (2002)
Inside Out (2015)

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