Educational Innovation

Recommended Videos, Articles, Books and Movies


What can neuroscience tell us about learning? Ingvar and Bruce McCandliss
Advice from a neuroscientist and mother for your teenage. Frances Jensen
There Are 9 Types of Intelligence. Howard Gardner
I sued the school system. Prince Ea


This is your brain on nature. National geographic. Florence Williams
The state of Flow while Learning. Kriti Khare
The brain, emotions and learning. Cynthia Borja


The Whole-Brain child. Daniel J. Siegel y Tina Payne
Multiple Intelligences around the world. Howard Gardner, Jie-Qi Chen, Seana Moran
Educational Neuroscience. Denis Mareschal, Brian Butterworth, Andy Tolmie


Do you see what I see? The science of color perception. BBC documentary (2012)
The creative brain. How insight works. BBC documentary (2013)
¿¡what the bleep do you know¡? (2004)

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